Our names

Some people notice that our Brothers have two names. This is common in religious life.

On making one’s first professions, Brothers are invited to choose a “religious name”. It’s like the

After the Second Vatican Council, there was a fresh appreciation of our baptismal calling and many religious chose to return to their Christian names.

So, for instance, Brother Raymond took the religious name, Brother Maximilian. The Polish saint, Maximilian Kolbe was a hero of Brother Raymond.

“I read the story of Maximilian Kolbe when I was a child and it caught my imagination. I was really impressed that this man would give up his life for another man. It’s what we are called to do. We talk about agape love – self-sacrificing love. That’s what all Christians are called to. Religious are called to it and to demonstrate it. Taking the name Maximilian has helped me to be encourae….”