We have two communities of Presentation Brothers in Canada, both in Toronto.

Parkdale Community: Brother Denis and Brother Francis

Cummer Community: Brother Henry and Brother Ivan

Our Brothers in Parkdale have a special outreach ministry to the young.

Brother Denis explains…

Having spent many years working as a Presentation Brother missionary in Africa, the West Indies and in advocacy with Edmund Rice International at the U.N. in Geneva, I have now returned to Canada, the country of my birth.

The main purpose of our new ministry in Toronto is vocation promotion. This ministry of vocation promotion involves trying to see in a new way. This is very challenging!

Our community in Parkdale has started Taizé Prayer and young people have responded to our invitation with about 30 people joining us on the last Wednesday of every month. The chat afterwards over pizza and pop is popular too.

Discernment is a big word among young people in Toronto. I engage with Seniors in High School who are looking to make major decisions in their lives and I have been invited to facilitate the process. I aslo visit university chaplaincies where I meet young people and exchange ideas.

Our community also engages in the feeding of the homeless with the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa’s sisters) in the heart of downtown Toronto.

We are now known as a “House of Discernment for Male Religious” in the Archdiocese of Toronto. We continue to pray that the efforts being made will one day be rewarded with a few young men making the bold decision of “Coming to See” what these “Pres Guyz” are all about.

Please keep the OLA Province in your daily prayers.