Cross and Resurrection

We often look for a God who is powerful- a God who can do marvellous deeds. But on the cross is a weak and feeble God. We sometimes look for God in the heavens, but God meets us on the bleeding paths of the earth. God encounters us in the struggles of our human life. Especially at this time of a pandemic engulfing the whole world, the pain of the cross is very real. Many of our friends and loved ones have suffered grieve from the passing of loved ones who have succumbed to the covid-19 virus. We cannot understand these crucifixion moments using human reason. (1 Cor. 1:17). The language of love alone gives us an insight into this mystery of God’s compassion, and faith in the crucified Christ is the Divine Grace that allows us to respond with love and compassion to our suffering sisters and brothers. In this way, Christ’s suffering on the cross is not just an event of the past but a reality of the present.
The life of Jesus did not however, end on the cross. He rose from the dead. God’s love heals and recreates the broken world into a new creation. There is reason for us therefore, to hope for a better future amidst the darkness and the fear. Let us pray that our moments of the Cross during this lent, may give way to great moments of resurrection at Easter.