Ministry with Refugees and Asylum seekers

Br Kevin Mascarenhas who founded and started the Integration and support Unit in Waterford and worked 14 years in Waterford has now moved to Cork  after being voted on to the Congregation Leadership team. 
He has started work in Cork and has started the Cork City of Sanctuary movement. He is also on the Board of Places of Sanctuary Ireland and working in the Schools and Universities of Sanctuary movement and Churches of Sanctuary group. 
Places of Sanctuary is an all island network of towns, cities and local communities which share the objectives of promoting a culture of welcome and inclusiveness right across every sphere and sector of society, so that people seeking sanctuary feel safe, find people who welcome them and understand why they are here, and have opportunities to be included in activities.
For more information you can contact Br Kevin Mascarenhas [email protected]. Mobile No: 0872389671
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