Brother Paul Atole inducted as a Special Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps of Nigeria

Brother Paul Atole has undergone an induction course for Special Marshals. Special Marshals are a volunteer arm of Federal Road Safety Corps, (FRSC) of Nigeria. The FRSC was established under the decree number (45) on December 13th 1988, to cover federal highways in Nigeria. The FRSC has the mandate to prevent and minimizes road traffic accident on the highways, clearing obstruction on any part of the highways, to educate drivers, motorist, and other members of the public on the proper use of the highways.

FRSC consists of uniformed (Regular Marshals) and non-uniformed members.  The non- uniformed members are volunteer men and women of proven integrity in the society and people who have the interest of serving their country and its people in unpaid services.

The Special Marshals or voluntary arm of the Corps complements the duty of the Regular Marshals. The Special Marshals are commissioned to monitor road users on the highways with a view to provide constructive feedback to the Corps, to patrol the highways, and to control traffic on a group basis, to  participates in research activities relevant to road safety management, organize sponsors and participants in workshops, public education and road safety campaigns, to organize and encourage road safely clubs in schools to heighten awareness at a young age finally to help out and respond to road traffic crashes, rescue operations and to maintain the good image of the Corps.

We wish Br Paul best wishes as he begins this new ministry in the society.