Brothers in Nigeria join celebrations for Year of Consecrated Life

Bishop Avenya with some of the religious after the Mass.

Date: 24 Feb 2015

Several Presentation Brothers joined in the celebrations at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in the Diocese of Gboko, Nigeria as local bishop, Most Rev. William Avenya, launched the diocesan programme for the Year of Consecrated Life.

Bishop Avenya thanked the religious for their work in the diocese and reminded them that even in times of difficulty, God is never absent. He also challenged the religious to encourage more young men and women to join them in building God’s kingdom.

The Vicar for Religious, Father Edward Atel, C.S.Sp., encouraged the religious to be prophetic witnesses to Jesus Christ as exemplified in the charisms of their founders.

He also highlighted the Holy Father’s challenge to priests to draw close to religious and to assist in their ministries and work.

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Thanks to Br Paul Atole for this report.