Misean Cara support during COVID-19.

With financial support from Misean Cara the Brothers in Ghana are in the front line protecting their wider communities from COVID-19. Br Godfrey is the project manager. They are educating the community on COVID -19 and how best to protect themselves from it. They are supplying, sanitisers, hand wash and PPE to front line workers. Due to the lock down in the country many are not working and have little money for food. The Brothers are also distributing food to alleviate the effects of this problem.


Beneficiaries of the Misean Cara financial support: Centre of Hope in collaboration with the Medical Sisters of St. Joseph, Yendi.

Education of precautionary measures during COVID-19.

Food supply to households during COVID-19.


Beneficiaries: The Hain Polyclinic to carry outreach education on COVID-19. Brothers provide the Transport and Public address system. The Upper West Region alone has recorded 273 CSM cases with 43 deaths. Misean Cara funding was very timely for the Hain and its subcommunities.

Br James and Br Emmanuel Dassah on house to house visits, educating the local community on child protection and human rights.

Supply of hand washing materials.


Supply of food to be distributed to households during COVID-19.


Br Edwin and Br Valerius distributes PPE supply and food supply to the inmates and officers of Navrongo Prisons.

Note: Education is ongoing while the supply of food and PPE is done weekly in all these communities. The Brothers express joy for the funding which enables them to reach out to the wider communities. People were very responsive and appreciative for the education, help and support they received from the Brothers.