President’s Independence Day Award Winner.

A winner thinks positively, acts positively and lives positively. A loser usually has a negative approach to everything.

To succeed in school, the student needs to abide by certain rules, successful students do not play with their studies, and there is no lasting success without commitment and it very important to maintain mental, emotional, physical, social and intellectual health.

Ms. Sandra Sohidit a 13-year-old girl is an epitome of the above when she gallantly stepped out to receive a National Award- the President’s Independence Award Winner, for her excellent performance in the 2019 Basic Education Certificate Examination-BECE.  She graduated from Presentation Brothers’ JHS Logre with aggregate 7 in the BECE of 2081/2019 academic year.  She is the first student to have received such a prestigious award from the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, from the school and she is currently studying science in one of the best Senior High Secondary Schools in Ghana, Wesley High Girls-Wey Hey Gey in cape coast.

I believed that our advocacy for the education of the girl child in the locality and in all areas of our ministry is not in vain. I wish to ask all Brothers to continue to do more in your PTA meetings, Board meetings and indeed all gatherings to showcase the importance of the girl child education.

When I asked Ms. Sandra about the award, this is what she said. “With this award from President Nana Akufo Ado, I’m passionate with my studies and school work. I wish to study medicine and come and help my people, treat them from diseases” As for the Presentation Brothers I will treat them well with care. God Bless them for the good education given to us the children in this area and more so we the girls. She added. Ms. Sandra, Bravo! Keep it up.