Stages in becoming a Brother

Making contact

The process for becoming a Presentation Brother is taken slowly and carefully. The first step is usually a chat with the Vocations Director. This is an opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about the Brothers. You can easily get in touch with a Presentation Brothers’ Vocations Director by e-mailing [email protected]. Tell us what country you live in and we’ll see which of our Vocations Directors is responsible for that region.

Many men first make contact with us by attending one of our Vocations Weekends. You can find details of these weekends of prayer and information by keeping an eye on this website.

If, after these intial conversations and contacts, a man wants to find out more about our way of life as religious brothers, the following process begins:


This is a series of regular meetings with the Vocations Director over several months. During each meeting the Vocations Director will guide you through a process of discernment. This process aims to help you figure out what your vocation might be. Discernment is sometimes known as ‘prayerful decision making’. This process may also involve a weekend visit to a Brothers’ house to experience the life of a religious community.

Candidacy (6 months – 1 year)

This year is usually spent living in a Brothers’ community sharing in the prayer and community life. The candidate may keep his regular job during this period. This is an opportunity for the candidate to get to know the Brothers’ way of life and for the Brothers to become more familiar with the candidate and his strengths and weaknesses.

Novitiate (2 years)

This is the stage at which one “joins the Brothers”. The novice becomes increasingly familiar with the life and mission of the Congregation. Novitiate is an intense period of prayer, discernment and reflection.

First Profession

At the end of novitiate, First Profession of vows (poverty, celibacy and obedience) takes place. This begins the stage known as Temporary Profession. The vows are renewed each year as the Brother grows in understanding of this way of life. This process continues for about six years. This period should not be understood solely as a “training period”. During this time the Temporary Professed Brother will be given plenty of work and ministry opportunities.

Final Profession

At this point the Brother makes the decision to take these vows for life. Final Profession is similar to the life-long promise a man and woman make in marriage.