“Our spirituality is informed by the reality of God’s presence in all of creation. We seek to be more responsible for the care of the earth by implementing best ecological practice in our everyday living.”
– Presentation Brothers Chapter Vision Statement.

Our Response

Glór na hAbhann

“Glór na hAbhann” is home to our Ecology and Spirituality Centre, located in the beautiful rural area of Helvic in west Waterford, in the south east of Ireland.

1. About Glór na hAbhann
2. The Mission of Glór na hAbhann
3. Pope Benedict on care for creation

About Glór na hAbhann
Visitors are very welcome to Glór na hAbhann. During a stay one will have the time and space to experience community; to celebrate seasonal and liturgical occasions; to participate in workshops; to follow a retreat programme; or just to rest, relax and be alone to enjoy our grounds, garden and surrounding countryside.

It is a place of welcome where people are facilitated to explore and pursue their spiritual journeys in an ecologically friendly environment.

If you are interested in visiting “Glór na hAbhann” please contact Brother John in advance.

Contact Details:

Brother John Hunt, “Glór na hAbhann”, Ballinamona Lower, Old Parish, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.
Tel: 058-46904 Email: [email protected]

Directions: Glór na hAbhann is located in Old Parish in the Ring Gaeltacht of County Waterford. It is about a one hour drive from Cork city and 45 minutes from Waterford city.

The mission of Glór na Abhann

The basic message of Glór na hAbhann is “Come and Be”. Be alive! Be oneself!

Be alone with nature, with God, with oneself.

Be in communion with nature, with life in its many forms, with God, with others.

Be natural…no need for masks, no need to impress, no need to role play.

Be in contact with the soil, with the weather, with the sights and sounds of nature, with peace and quiet.

Be active; by walking, by painting, by gardening, by arts and crafts, by music and song, by photography.

Be participative in prayer, in discussion, in cooking, in housekeeping, in celebration.

Reflection Pope Benedict XVI calls on youth to care for the Earth in Loreto, Italy – September 2007

“One of the fields in which it is urgent to work is most definitely that of safeguarding creation. The new generations are responsible for the future of the planet, which shows evident signs of a development that has not always known to preserve the delicate balances of nature. Before it is too late, we must make courageous choices with a view to a strong alliance between man and the earth.

We need a decisive yes to safeguarding creation and a strong commitment to reverse those tendencies which risk bringing us to a situation of irreversible (environmental) degradation.”